Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend...

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I'm home all alone tonight so what better time. Not too much has happened since my last blog. I got a new job at Hilmar Cheese Company in Dalhart, TX. I love my job we have a great time at work. I work from 10 pm -6 am. I have made so many new friends.
Todd is still at Cimmaron working his way up that ladder :) The kids will be here in June so that is something we are both really excited for. Besides that not much has happened, we live pretty boring lives LOL!! Todd is in Quanah today for Montana and Aspen's birthday Happy Birthday girls! I didn't get to go because I have to work tomorrow. Oh well hope the party was great! I will leave you with some pics of the kids soccer games.

 David playing soccer
 One of KK's pageants, she got 2nd runner up and Miss Photogenic
 Bubba scored a goal
 More soccer
 They won 3-0. David scored 2 goals and KK got one
 My bubba
 Caelyn's Miss Photogenic pic
 Bubba, so handsome!
 Sis's first pageant she got Miss Photogenic
 My babies
Caelyn playing some soccer.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 IS HERE!!!!

Bubba at Christmas
Caelyn fixing to go to bed so Santa can come
David and one of his fave. presents
KK reading

The kids and their snow egg

Well 2010 was full of changes for our family, the biggest was Todd and I moving to Stratford, TX.
We had a wonderful Christmas with the kids (who got everything they wanted LOL), Todd's mom, grandma and Sam came down on Friday and stayed with us until Sunday, so they were here to spend Christmas with us and to spoil the kids a ton. My mom and MiMi came up on Sunday afternoon to spend a few hours with us and they also spoiled the kids. The kids got a WII from Santa and so we had many "WII wars" within the last week they were here. It was so much.
My husband and I are having a few tough times right now, and would really appreciate some prayers. I've been substituting but it's not a steady paycheck so I'm desperatley looking for a job. On the other hand Todd loves his new job!
Hope everyone had a great 2010 and an even better 2011!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's been a VERY long month...

Caelyn the rock star and David the baseball player
David at the Pumpkin Patch

Caelyn "posing" at the Pumpkin Patch

Coco fixing to go to school in her new outfit

Todd after he ate a hot pepper

Heath in Stillwater

Coco cheesing

My family picture

Todd dressed as an OSU fan for Halloween

Todd handing out Halloween candy

Well October had to be the longest month I've ever had. Todd got a new job as the Assistant Mill Manager at Cimmaron Feeders (JBS 5 Rivers owns it)in Texoma, OK so we moved to Stratford, TX. He has been off for a whole month and I'm going crazy, LOL, he starts his new job tomorrow (Nov.2) and I think I am more nervous than he is. We live in a little duplex right now until we can find a house to buy, the good thing is we only live a block from his cousin Laurie, whom I love, she is great.
We went to visit Todd's dad and sister at the first of the month and then went on down to Hamlin and spent 4 days with his mother (which I think I gained 5 lbs there :) ). Then we came home to Arnett and started packing, his mother and Sam came up and helped us load the Uhaul and we were off. It took us a day and a half to unpack and then we were off again to Tulsa.
We went to Tulsa and stayed with my sister and her family and went to the OSU homecoming game, which was a blast and we took Todd to Panera bread on Sunday because he had to do a paper on it in college and had never ate there, he liked it but it was alittle pricey for his taste. Monday the 23rd we came back home to Stratford and took the week to get all our stuff here done (changed driver's lic. got insurance, etc...) then today (Nov 1st) we went to Amarillo for his dr. appts and tomorrow he gets to go to work. We had a ton of trick or treaters come by and Todd loved every min. of it, I didn't even get to hand out any chips (we don't do candy) cause he wanted to do it.
The kids are flying into Amarillo on the 18th of Dec. to spend Christmas with us and we are very excited for that. My nephew Brycen is getting married on the 27th to his high school sweetheard Raylynn and they are having a baby in June.
That has been my month in a nutshell, alittle more eventful since my last blog. I will leave you with some pictures.
Until next time, everyone have a wonderful day...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well I decided after 11 months I should maybe blog alittle...

Izzy Blue Ferrell Pennington
Aspen Laine Woods

David and Caelyn

Todd's bday

Levi throwing clay pigeons

Well in the last 11 months, really not too much has been going on. I'm a stay at home wife for the time being which is good and bad (boring), we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, Caelyn's 9th birthday, Brycen graduated high school, David's 11th birthday and Todd's 3oth.

We have gained two new nieces, Izzy Blue and Aspen Laine and we have one more on the way...Lola will be here soon.

Todd has been working a ton, harvest wasn't very long this year but it seemed way more stressful :) So that has been the extent of our year, very uneventful I might say. I am going to post some pictures and I will not wait another 11 months before I post again :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WOW I'm actually getting to post!!!

David and Caelyn eatin at cafe day before they had to leave...
Bret Michaels from Poison Staci on her 30th birthday

The double rainbow we had after a good shower.

WOW I haven't posted in FOREVER!!! Contrary to popular belief I am still alive. I've been busy busy with work and have finally got my house clean no make that SCRUBBED!!! Now if I could just get my yard mowed I would be doing good and I would have a very happy husband. We went dove hunting last night it was fun, but Todd only shot two dove with about 22 shots. So funny. We are ordering Christmas presents and getting all that out of the way so when December does get here I don't have to stress over that stuff while the kids are here. Supposed to go to my mother-in-laws in October but since no one else (Jackie) is going I guess I'm not either. We have Miss Autumn's birthday in October and I have 6 birthdays in September.
Todd had to get stitches in his finger a few weeks ago, he crushed it between two pipes while working cattle. Poor guy bumps it on everything too. :) We also went to Tulsa on the 22nd for my little sis's 30th birthday, we went to a Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick concert there were 16 of us it was SOOO much fun!!! Well nothing to exciting or interesting happening so I hope everyone has a wonderful week...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy summer

David fertilizing the yardDavid on his own mower
Pops and David taking the deck off his mower

Caelyn after a rodeo

Harley on Snoopy

Caelyn at rodeo in Woodward out in field practicing barrels

David and Riley playing with Davids new bow and arrow

David talking on phone

Riley, David and Caelyn bowling for David's bday

Mom karaoking...she's very passionate about her singing Me and Todd's 1st dance

Jackie and Levi actually dancing!!!
Montana and Coco (my nieces) playing before reception
I am still alive we have had a busy summer this year with harvest, rodeos and traveling to Quanah to see family. Caelyn is doing a few rodeos this summer and she has one next week (11 and 12th) in Canadian. We went last weekend to Jackie and Levi's house for a cookout and came home with no kids so it's been a pretty boring week at our house. We are going to Wellington to the rodeo for the 4th of July to watch Caelyn do Jr. barrels and to pick up the kids and see Todd's family.

We have to take Todd to Amarillo on the 20th for his Dr. appts at the VA and he has to get an MRI on his feet they are getting worse. and then the week after that the kids go home :( that will be a sad day.

Here are a few pics from the reception we had in April there was alot of dancing and some crazy kareoking (don't know how to spell) going on, and just some random stuff.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey all

Pearl's Oyster bar, way overpriced!!! The statue outside the Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum

Our new recliners

My nephew, Brycen, after winning Regionals, they went on to State and lost :(

My niece as Little Orphan Annie

Well it was a crazy April with our reception and honeymoon, May has been good so far. We switched to summer hours at work so I am working 7am-5:30pm Tues-Friday now. (4/10s) We will be in Amarillo May 18th for Todd's Dr. appointment at the VA and then on May 29th I am going to Memphis to pick up kiddos. I am sooo excited. Caelyn and David both will be in a rodeo on May 15th in AL, Caelyn is competing for the Princess title and is also doing poll bending, David will be in the mutton bustin and steer riding. There is a website, that you can go to sometime after the 15th to see pictures.

Todd and I went to OKC on our honeymoon, it was fun we went to the Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum and out to eat at many different places like Flips which is authentic italian food and Pearl's Oyster bar which is good and very expensive seafood.

We are going to spend the day with my mom today for Mother's day. Hope all the mom's that read my blog have a great day!!

Until next time, I will leave you with some pictures of our crazy month of April!